Thursday, February 14, 2008

Round 2 Month 2

Kate's blood counts were good today. Her ANC is 760 and her hemoglobin and hematocrit are holding strong. She seems to have caught another junky virus but isn't too affected by it. Boy are we lucky to have made it through the yucky winter without any hospitalizations!
Kate is feeling so good infact, that we started back to swim lessons and she's enjoying them. I love seeing her give me the thumbs up from the poolside!


Kari said...

All kinds of cheers for Kate!!! So happy to hear that things are continuing to go well and that she is holding strong :)

Mom H said...

I love to hear good news about our little Miss Kate!

Christy said...

No hospital? It seems like we can't stay out of that place! That is amazing, good for you guys.

Melanie said...

yay for swim lessons!! wish i was there to help!! :) hope all is well back in atl! miss you all!

Sean & Jen said...

it seems like so long since i've caught up with you on her treatments. i am so glad she is doing so well--every time I see her she makes me smile. she really radiates sunshine wherever she goes (I think it's those dimples!)

Love ya,