Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hospital Update

Kate hasn't had a fever since last night but she's still getting antibiotics every 8 hours. She is definitely feeling better today, she's eating, doing crafts and our favorite smile is back. Not surprisingly, her blood counts didn't magically improve today but weren't drastically lower either. As long as we are talking numbers too, it seems that one of the lab values is wrong. Kate's hemoglobin taken at 5:30 pm last night was 7.6 and at 4:30 am today it was 8.6. Ummm, that's impossible - so we'll see what it is tomorrow and then we'll know which one was correct.
We were so happy to see that our nurse practitioner was on-call today! It was very nice to see the familiar face and to talk with somebody who knows Kate. After spending some time talking with her and the attending about Kate's counts, I feel less nervous. Apparently, the numbers can take such a drastic dive from a viral illness (even if it can't be explained physiologically) so we are just going to keep checking the numbers and see where we end up. She explained that a mechanism has been built into Kate's protocol for determining when/if they need to check out her bone marrow and do a biopsy. I feel better about that too. She's not there so we are doing good! They are holding her chemo until the counts rebound and will probably start her back on lower doses once we are discharged.
Hopefully her cultures won't grow anything and her numbers will bounce back. If so, we'll be able to go home in a day or so. As always, I'll keep you up to date. Thanks for your prayers!


Anne Hatch said...

Thanks for the update! Kate is in our prayers...even Kate and Flynn included her in their prayers today.:)
We love you...stay strong!

Kerri said...

Ewww, that is no fun. I can't stand that maintenance isn't all its cracked up to be sometimes. Hope you're outa there soon. Loves from Izzy and the Costleys