Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kate's First Tooth

Kate lost her first tooth on December 31st! A few days before that, we noticed that her two bottom teeth were poking out a bit and then realized that her permanent teeth had come in behind her baby teeth. So we encouraged her to wiggle those baby teeth and wiggle she did. She could hardly wait until today when she could go to school and share the big news with her class. (Apparently, losing a tooth is a VERY big thing in her 1st grade class. Ranks right up there with meeting Miley Cyrus I think.)

Unfortunately, the tooth fairy couldn't get with it and kept forgetting to pick up the tooth and deliver the cash. So, last night Kate followed her Dad's suggestion and wrote a note to the tooth fairy.It worked and she was all smiles when she woke up this morning!



Yikes, Kate. You don't even have to WAIT to get your new teeth. They come in ahead of schedule.

Shannan Wagenman said...

That is funny. Taylor and McKenna's bottom teeth did the EXACT same thing in Dec. They were growing in behind with the bottom 2super wiggly for over a month but not coming out on their own. I ended up pulling them out myself, with the help of an ice cube. It was the low point of motherhood for me, but the girls were so proud afterward. I told the girls that the tooth fairy paid double for pulling them out on their own. :)

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