Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cute Story

Kate swam 2 races at last night's swim meet, freestyle and freestyle relay. (By the way, this was an unbelieveably close meet that our team won by 1 point! Go Barracudas!!!) Back to the story... Kate hopped out of the water after her last race and was beaming. She said, "Mom, do you know that I was smiling under the water the whole time when I was swimming?" When I asked her why she was smiling she said, "Because I was so proud of myself". So are we, Kate. So are we!!!


Sean & Jen said...

fabulous Kate!! we love you!

kylejennyabby said...

We're proud of you too Kate!

deb said...

Could she BE any cuter :)


angela said...

so very proud of you, Kate!
love angela