Monday, June 18, 2007

A Week Off

My Mom arrived last Wednesday to help out while I worked for a week. I have worked 4 days in a row and have 2 to go. I think that things have been going very smoothly too. She's been taking the kids to the pool, helping me organize the playroom and get my act together. What a lifesaver our families have been!
Kate's last fever was a week ago and she is feeling well other than a cough and runny nose. Her hair is falling out more now too, but it is doing so in an even distribution so it appears just thinner and thinner. Every time Kate wakes up her t-shirt is covered in hair but she doesn't even notice.
This is a special week because Kate doesn't have to go to the hospital for any procedure or IV chemo -- whoo-hoo!!!! This is Kate's last week of consolidation and next week begins a new phase called interim maintainence. The next phase is a relatively easy one that will last for 8 weeks. So, as a wonderful treat, we get a week off between the end of this phase and beginning of next. Kate is especially excited about her week of no doctor visits and reminds me daily that she doesn't have to go this week. Life is good.

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