Thursday, July 12, 2007

Week 2 Interim Maintenance

Kate's Dr. appointment was the shortest on record! It always seems like when we brace for long days we are blessed with the shortest visits. I should pick up on that pattern! So today we were in and out of the hospital in just over one hour! It was so great! Kate's ANC is 1290, WBC is 3.1, and her hemoglobin is within the normal ranges. I am kind of nervous with her ANC hovering around 1000 but they say not worry until it dips lower than 1000. Kate is looking great and feeling good right now. We are happy for this upswing!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kate! I'm still wearing my "kisses for kate" bracelet and we pray for you each night.

We miss Atlanta and your smiling face!

Love you,