Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ciinic Visit Countdown - 8

January 29th Kate had another clinic visit.  Her ANC was a crazy 3500 which is actually not so good.  Her ANC is supposed to be around 1500 and they don't want it to be higher than that.  For those of you that have been following the blog this must sound funny.  I have been stressed in the past because her ANC is too low and now I have issue with it being too high.  This isn't because I need something to worry about, it is just the way those fickle counts are the doctors are very specific about where the numbers need to be.  It is so strange because her last ANC was really low (around 600).  As usual, the discrepancies are being chalked up to a cold that she is fighting.  If the ANC doesn't come down by the next visit then they'll adjust her chemo doses to force them in the right direction.
Kate loves going to clinic now (minus the finger poke).  Anybody remember the show Cheers?  When Norm would walk into the bar everyone would shout, Norm!  Well, when Kate walks into the clinic she is greeted with boisterous chorus of Kate!, followed by a round of hugs.  I actually feel bad for the other kids in the room who didn't get the same reception.  Kate really loves the people that work in the clinic and we are so grateful for their ever present smiles, cheerful attitudes and love of Kate.

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