Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Clinic Visit Countdown - 7

February 28th - Kate's visit went well today.  She got the usual IV Vincristine, 3 hour IVIg transfusion and IV Pentamadine.  For the last year our visits have taken about 6 hours each.  Although we are used to them we welcome those days, like this one, when Kate sleeps for a good 4 hours of the visit.  Today was especially wonderful because Emmett slept too and I got to snuggle up with Kate in her Barney chair (a purple transfusion chair)  and take a little rest with my Kate.  A very peaceful visit and we were grateful for it.  
Kate's ANC came down to 1800 and that is great - almost where it needs to be.  No changes were made to her medications so we'll see where those bloods counts are next visit.  We are getting so close!


Kasey said...

I am SO looking forward to a grand independence day celebration this July! Yeah for Kate!


Fourth of July will always have a different meaning to me!