Thursday, May 24, 2007

The End of Induction

6 weeks ago


Steroid Belly

Yea! We have made it through the first 29 days of chemo and this marks the end of induction. To commemorate the end, Kate had a spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration. This time was the roughest of so far but thanks to Versed only the parents, not the child, remember the procedure and the crying.
Next Thursday we'll get the results of the minimal residual disease test and then we'll be given our protocol road map. Keep praying that she'll be in the standard low risk ALL category.
I have included a few pictures of Kate at her steroid peak. I don't think we'd remember the drastic change in our little girl if we didn't take pictures to reflect back on later. Within a few weeks time the changes should fade away as quickly as they came and she should feel more active too. How grateful we are to have this wonderful little girl in our lives. Even now, she keeps us smiling, laughing and brings happiness where ever she goes.

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Tracy said...

You are a trooper and a sweet, beautiful, precious little girl!!! We are very proud of you.
Wes and I pray for Kate and your family every day. We're very impressed by your positive attitude and your strength. Hang in there. We love you...