Thursday, May 3, 2007

Round 2

The day began rather early for us as we headed to the hospital for treatments and procedures. With the aid of sedatives, Kate handled the lumbar puncture and bone marrow aspiration well. We did learn that her reaction to sedatives is to cry though. (In other words, she would not be a happy drunk she would be a crier.) Our doctor thinks that it is unlikely that her bone marrow will be free of cancer cells at this point but we won't know for sure until the results are back on Monday. If there are still some cells, they do another bone marrow aspiration next week and look again. That is day 15 into her treatments and studies have shown that if she is without cancer on that day she has a very good prognosis.
Kate slept for quite a few hours today but sure didn't loose her appetite. She has been begging Jason to have a picnic for days, so tonight we had one on our back deck (sans furniture) and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Nothing helps the spirits like a BBQ and ice cream cones!


angela said...

love you, Kate!

Anonymous said...

way to go kate! you are doing great. thanks for the news carolyn.
olivia and weatherly

Anonymous said...

Kate, God Bless and sending Big Hugs, You are a beautiful little girl. Love Angela Hansberger Aunt Char

Anonymous said...


We love you! You are such a great girl! Hang in there and keep asking for picnics...great idea!

Hugs from the Hatch Family