Monday, October 8, 2007

Platlets too!

Not too surprised that Kate did end up needing platlets today. Her platlet count went down from 23 on Thursday to 14 today. She also had a little bleeding last night so they went ahead and transfused her. The platlets have a thick yellow appearance (like congealed movie popcorn butter - yummy) so we teased Kate that she tastes buttery and that we want to eat her up now.

Her ANC was also very low today at 60 but that is better than 0, which is what it was 4 days ago! This was to be roughest phase of treatment but she handled it remarkably well. We were so blessed that Kate never had a fever or required a hospitalization in this phase either. That is a pretty rare phenomenon apparently. Her reward -- another week off of chemo to recover those counts. Yea!!!

We also had a fun surprise at the clinic today. A professional group comes once a month and does professional portraits of the kids for free. The organization is aptly titled, "Flashes of Hope". A make-up artist put some sparkly powder of Kate's face, some shiny lip gloss on those lips and Kate flashed her pearly whites for the camera. The proofs will come back in 5 weeks and I can't wait to see them. Don't worry, you know I'll blog a picture or two once they arrive.

Next Thursday Kate will have a lumbar puncture, IV chemo and will begin the Maintance phase of chemotherapy. This is the last and longest phase of the treatment. It promises to be the easiest too. I can't believe that we are nearly 6 months into the treatment already. The sure hope that the next 21 months will fly by too!


Sean & Jen said...
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Sean & Jen said...

sounds like things went good today--i thought about you and kate this morning. i'm glad things seem to be ok--and hooray for the break!! great job on the festival by the way--we had a ton of fun! hope you have a great day tomorrow!! once kate is well enough to, we would really love to have your family over for dinner--give you another reason not to cook :)


The Hatch Family said...

Hang in there, Kate! We think about you every day! Abby likes to pray for you every night...

We miss you...ALL of us miss you, even Kate & Flynn!!!:)

We love you!

Angela said...

Thinking about you today. Lots of prayers and love.

anne-ross said...

glad things went well, and what a treat having that portrait taken :) great to see all you guys sunday!! we're keeping you in our thoughts/prayers!!
love, anne-ross

Simple Thingz said...

Always happy to hear good news. I can't wait to see those sparkly cheeks in her new pictures :)