Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thanks TNT!

Our AWESOME TNT Disney Team came by last week with a wonderful surprise for Kate. Barb, Alley and Anne Ross showed up with a yummy ice cream cake and a bucket full of treats and hats for each one of the kids! Kate scored about 10 new hats and is having fun coordinating with each one of her outfits. Her favorite - the leopard Brittney-esque hat. My favorite - the pink Atlanta Braves cap.

They were so thoughtful to include all of the kids as well. Jackson has an awesome new ski hat and thinks that the cowboy hat was "totally radical".

Ava is in love with her "Boo" ghost socks and Kate's Minnie Mouse ball cap.

I am so lucky to be affiliated with this amazing group of people! They are a constant source of encouragement and support that I continue to draw from. I don't know how I'd be preparing for a marathon with them.


Anne Hatch said...


I have a pink Atlanta Braves hat just like yours...I wear it a lot but now every time I wear it, I will think of you!!!

You are such an awesome big brother...way to support Kate!

Hugs to you both and little Ava, too!

Simple Thingz said...

That was such a sweet surprise. And I love how they included the other two kids to make them feel special. What a great support system for them... and the mommy:)