Thursday, October 4, 2007

Got Blood?

We were not surprised at all to find that Kate needed a blood transfusion on Thursday. Her hemoglobin went down from about 11 to 7 in a week! She looked very pale to us, her heart rate was up and her energy level was going down. Her platlets were also very low at 23 (normal is 150-450). They are going to bring Kate back on Monday for blood counts and if they are lower she will get a platlet transfusion as well. Wednesday was the last day of her 2 very rough weeks of chemo and she has the week off from all chemo so Dr. Keller thinks that the counts will start recovering now. This picture is of Kate just as the treatment was beginning. Due to the hospital lighting I couldn't seem to capture her pre and post coloring but it was markedly different.

Kate spent the 6 plus hours in the clinic watching some shows, doing her school work and as you saw from the first picture taking some rides on her IV pole!

She also spent some time sleeping. Note the glazed look in those eyes.

When Kate was all done getting the blood she looked better immediately. This is her after the bag had transfused. She had color in her cheeks and seemed more like her perky self. We'll see about needing platlet transfusions of Monday.



Sometimes we all need a good nap, Kate. Enjoy them while you can! Grandma and Papa are looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. (Got to get some tickets!)

The Hatch Family said...

We love your smile! What a trooper you are!

Watch the mail for a surprise...

We love you!

Craig said...

Looking good, Kate!

Shauna said...

I sure do miss you Kate, but I love to see your beautiful smile and cute face. It makes my day! I love you!