Friday, August 31, 2007

A Lesson in Sensitivity?

So this Thursday was not a great one for Kate. She is having a lot more tummy aches and nausea with this round of treatment and wasn't thrilled about going to the clinic twice in 4 days for chemo. On Monday she had to go to the clinic for two IM (shots in the thigh) chemo doses. Then yesterday, she went back for 2 IV chemo infusions. (It is no wonder she isn't feeling as well this round). I also think the steroids are altering her personality a bit and that she is kind of sick of the process.
I have to tell a story for a second so that I can vent. Kate is kind of sensitive about her port site anyway but yesterday it seemed to bother her even if nobody was touching it. She complained to me about it hurting her while we in the waiting room but it looked fine to me. It really hurt her when they were accessing the port and she cried. They had a hard time getting good blood flow but when they did things seemed to go smoothly during the treatment. There was no swelling, redness or bruising only pain. When it was time to deaccess Kate, she complained that it hurt again and really started crying. The site continued to bleed for a few minutes afterward and it required the nurse to hold gentle pressure. The nurse really was being gentle but Kate was getting all worked up and began crying harder. The kind of crying where I can't get her to look at me and she goes to another place.
Finally when it was all done, the nurse asked Kate if there was anything that she could do to make her feel better. Kate asked if she could choose something from the prize box and the nurse said no, that those were only if you'd had a procedure. What?! Did she not just ask my child if there was anything she could do? Give the steroid pumped child, post chemo treatment, a freakin' toy from the prize box! I left with a crying Kate and Ava on my hip. The day did get better though. Kate took a 3 hour nap and woke up in better spirits. I just hate to see her go through days like this!


Anonymous said...

That makes me mad actually... she couldn't have been for serious. As if Kate (or any child for that matter who is there for treatment) should have to fit a profile for prize box treatment. Give me her name... I'm writing a letter!!! Love you guys...Linds & Britt

Coach Johnson said...

Procedure? I think Kate has gone through enough "procedures" to be awarded a shopping spree at FAO Shwatz (sp?)

The kid's a trooper. Each and every time we look at our wrists we think of her. You are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now that I've calmed down...

What is that nurse's name? And why is she working with children? You had a reason to "vent" now you need to confront her the next time you are there. Maybe she can learn from the situation, what do you think? This is a tough period for Kate...hang in there!

The Hatch Family loves you, Kate!!!


Sean & Jen said...

so sad!! so, i finally got the web address from the other computer--yeah. visiting was fun today, just tell me to shut my mouth next time, ok?? i can drone on and on :). take care!! tell kate that she always makes me feel special when she sits and talks with me! love ya, jen

Kari said...

So sorry you had that experience. As far as I'm concerned it seems that every child should get to visit the prize box EVERY time they are there for anything!!! Hang tough - you are both amazingly strong. Give Kate an extra hug from me ;)

Craig said...

I am ready to pimp slap some nurse....

Tanya said...

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

X-Kiwis said...

What? Give me a break! There are plenty of people ready to join an angry mob on this one!

Angela said...

nurse ratchet needs to leave the children's hospital!
love you guys

Simple Thingz said...

Ditto to every post above... Get rid of the wicked witch of the children’s wing !! ( I can already tell I'm going to be a "Don't mess w/ my kid punk" type of mother.

Poor little Kate... give her a big (but gentle ) squeeze and kiss from us.

Love ya

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