Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kate's Port

Kate likes to tell everyone about her port. She'll go up to complete strangers and ask them if they want to feel her port. It is kind of a sensitive spot and she tells people to "be gentle". Still, many of our friends and family don't know what exactly the port is. Here are a few pictures that help I think.

The one on the left was taken a couple of weeks ago when they were looking for pneumonia. The port is the round circle on the upper right chest wall. You can notice the white tubing going up and over to the left. It enters directly into the heart.

The picture of Kate on the right shows a surgical scar above a little bluish bubble. That bubble is the round port. This is where they put a needle through each week for blood draws and chemotherapy.
If you see Kate, you can ask her to feel the port (if she doesn't ask you first). It is pretty cool.


Kari said...

I'd just love to meet that sweet girl of yours someday!! And, of course, I'd be more than happy to check out her port, too! Kind of like her "war wound" to show off ;) Her battle certainly doesn't seem to have slowed her down much! She is an absolute doll ... just like a little Carolyn :)

garrit said...

She made sure that I saw "the Port"at the Family reunion while we swam. She and Millissa had a long talk... That kid is awesome!

I wish we all got to see you guys more often.