Monday, November 26, 2007

Girly Stuff

I took Kate along for a trip to the salon and she was in second heaven. That cute little girl loves to get her nails done but what woman doesn't really? She deviated from her usual pink shade and chose "Electric Blue" this time. Whoa, was it ever electric!

She especially like the flowers and sparkles that they added for a special touch. Can't wait until the next spa day!


Anne Hatch said...

Fabulous, Kate! Sarah came home from an Activity Day at church with electric blue on her toes!

You sure are a cutie, Kate!

Kerri said...

What a good idea to get her nails done--what a doll! Sorry about the ER visit. Lookin' cute though! Kerri and Izzy

Kari said...

Such fun!! I'm thinking of taking all of my girlies for pedicures for Christmas :)

worthens said...

Pretties blue flingers we've ever seen!! We love you Kate!!