Monday, November 19, 2007

TNT Halloween Party - October 30th

Kate and the winner of the TNT Halloween Party costume contest. Well, she was the 3rd choice but still...

Kate and the kids got to dress up in their Halloween best for the TNT Halloween Party. Kate was asked to be the judge of the costume contest and roped me into helping her with that assignment. When asked what her favorite costume was she promptly replied, "mine". Okaaaay, so they asked her if she could pick another person who would she choose. Well, being the great little sister that she is, she chose her brother. Again, okaaaay - if you could choose someone that isn't related to you who would you choose? The clear winner - Another Minnie Mouse! So here is Kate with Whitney, her 3rd choice for the costume contest.

Here is Ava as a spunky little fairy. She LOVED Clifford and had a great time dancing around too.

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